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4 Financial Lessons to Learn from COVID-19

If there’s one thing everyone ought to have learnt from the coronavirus pandemic, it’s that preparing for emergencies should never be underestimated. This is certainly true from the perspective of healthcare, but the pandemic has also shown that it’s true for finances. Unexpected crises can place a huge strain on anyone’s budget. Which is why [...]

4 Calculations Parents Should Make When Getting Child Safety Seats

If there’s one thing motorists need to make sure of, it’s that any child who enters a vehicle travels in safety.  A big part of doing this is using reliable car seats.  The law specifically requires that any child under the age of eight be transported in federally-approved child safety seats.  This means it’s up [...]
19 Mar

5 Tricks You Can Use to Stay Awake When Driving at Night

If you’ve ever had to commute during odd hours of the night, there’s a good chance you’ve wrestled with drowsiness. Driving at night is particularly challenging because it usually happens when motorists are exhausted. This only adds to the safety risks involved in getting behind the wheel. Automotive Expert Warren Clarke advises that “Driving at […]

7 Helpful Things You Can do to Declutter Your Vehicle

Preventing your car from filling up with clutter is a good thing.  Not only is it hygienic, but it enhances the overall driving experience for everyone in the vehicle.  The cleaner a car is, the easier it is to travel in. Lifestyle Writer Ruth Soukup advises that “Car clutter is overwhelming, but it doesn’t have […]

6 Common-Sense Tips on How to Pass that Dreaded Driving-Test

The crowning moment of learning how to drive, is finally being able to go for the driving test.  But going for your driving test is more than just a matter of showing up.  If you want the test to unfold smoothly, it’s important to make sure that you’re thoroughly prepared to take it.  Both in […]

4 Reasons You Should Never Turn a Blind Eye to Chipped/Cracked Windows

Whenever a driver gets their hands on a new vehicle, the last thing they expect to deal with is spontaneous damage.  Especially damage that comes in the form of cracked windows.  Unfortunately, cracked windows happen all the time on the highway.  No matter how carefully you try to drive, random mistakes can end up causing [...]
16 Mar


March 11, 2021 marked a year since the lockdown by COVID-19. About a month later, news from Europe caused panic throughout the world because the virus started to transition to a fatal one. What we thought would last two to three weeks, has now reached its first anniversary. Faced with the contingency we are going [...]

4 Helpful Tips on How to Parallel-Park Without Going Through a Headache

     If there’s one thing that feels like rocket-science to learning drivers, it’s parallel-parking.  This is mostly because parallel-parking involves more multitasking than any other driving procedure.  Not only is it necessary to make sure that traffic is clear, but all the maneuvering involved in parallel-parking requires watchful environmental scanning.  Drivers need to be careful [...]
29 Jan

5 Casual Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Life as a Motorcycle Rider

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) cautions that “If you ride a motorcycle, you already know how much fun riding can be… But motorcycling also can be dangerous. The latest data on vehicle miles traveled shows that motorcyclists are about 28 times as likely as passenger-car occupants to die in a motor vehicle traffic [...]
16 Jan

3 Irrefutable Reasons Why It’s Smart to Wear Seat Belts

Buckling up isn’t just a basic safety measure. It’s a guaranteed way to protect yourself from injuries during a car crash. Seat Belts are scientifically proven to reduce the chances of being thrown from a vehicle during collisions. Not only do they hold people in place as cars spin out of control, they also increase [...]